Diet Golongan Darah

What on earth is Blood group Diet? Myths & A look at Diet Golongan Darah Blood group Diet


Renowned naturopath Dr. Peter D’Adamo promoted the blood type Diet Golongan Darah diet as part of his first book, Eat well 4 Your Type. He inherited the notion from his father make fish an individual’s ABO blood is an important factor in determining a healthy diet for the person. D’Adamo believes that individuals of various forms of blood should follow different diets.

Dr. D’Adamo explains that a blood test plays a sizable role in Diet Golongan Darah dictating one’s approach to life and eating. Your blood type should enable you to make informed choices relating to your exercise, diet, supplement as well as treatment plans.

Blood group Diet Diet Golongan Darah Myths & Facts

Many known diets are standardized diets. Most diets recommend Diet Golongan Darah just one plan for all individuals to follow.

The blood group diet, however, signifies that personalized diets work equally well as Diet Golongan Darah other diets. Positive results from studies with the blood type diet were found to be consistent across the many various blood types. Individuals pursuing the diet appropriate type O blood had results as positive as those following a diet for type A blood. It’s the same for all those following a diets of types B and AB.



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