Diet Golongan Darah O

Precisely what is Blood group Diet? Myths & Facts About Blood Diet Golongan Darah O Type Diet

Renowned naturopath Dr. Peter D’Adamo promoted the blood group Diet Golongan Darah O diet in her first book, Eat well 4 Your Type. He inherited the idea from his father make fish an individual’s ABO blood is usually an essential aspect in determining nutrition for the person. D’Adamo believes that people of various kinds of blood should follow different diets.

Dr. D’Adamo explains your blood test plays a sizable role in dictating Diet Golongan Darah O one’s lifestyle and eating. Your blood type should let you make informed choices regarding your exercise, diet, supplement and even medical therapy plans.

Blood group Diet Myths Diet Golongan Darah O & Facts

Many known diets are standardized diets. Most diets recommend one Diet Golongan Darah O particular plan of action for all those website visitors to follow.

The blood group diet, however, demonstrates personalized diets work equally efficiently as other diets. Positive Diet Golongan Darah O results from studies on the blood type diet were seen to be consistent across all the various blood types. Individuals adopting the diet recommended for type O blood had results equally positive as those pursuing the diet for type A blood. The same goes for those following the diets of types B and AB.

After various studies and tests, 6617 individuals reported their results from following the diet. Each of the Diet Golongan Darah O participants followed the diet program for at least 30 days. Three of the many four or 71-78% of the people showed significant improvement in a variety of health issues. The participants reported which the most apparent reaction to the kind of blood diet was fat loss. However, many reports also showed detailed improvements in overall energy, mental clarity, food digestion and effectiveness against stress.


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